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Tube Purchase Protection Guarantee and Return Policy

Tube Purchases

Any tubes or merchandise purchased from Brent Jessee Recording are guaranteed to be fully functional and to meet your satisfaction or they may be returned within 30 days from shipping date for exchange, credit, or refund. This includes tubes designated as "used tested good" as well as "NOS, new old stock”, and all merchandise and/or eBay items. Tubes designated as "sweep", "horizontal output" or "transmitter final" are guaranteed for 10 days.

Breakage or tube damage caused by operation outside of manufacturer's specifications (abuse) are NOT covered. Shipping damage to merchandise, including breakage, may be claimed only if you purchased shipping insurance. This is the only circumstance under which breakage is covered, and we must be notified within five days of delivery of any shipping damage, or your claim may be denied. We underwrite shipping insurance (if purchased) on parcels valued up to $600.00, and parcels valued at $600.01 and over are insured by the carrier if insurance is purchased. All tubes are tested at time of packing, therefore a Dead On Arrival tube is considered shipping damage. SHIPPING INSURANCE IS STRONGLY SUGGESTED. We cannot be responsible for late, lost, misdirected, or damaged shipments. Please check or test tubes immediately, even if they are for a back up set for future use, and notify us of any problems within the warranty period. Dealers and Resellers: please test all tubes or products upon receipt, as our warranty does not extend beyond you and ends when you resell the item. If you purchased an Extended Warranty, please refer to your Extended Warranty policy certificate for details about your Extended Limited Warranty coverage. Valid Extended Warranty purchases will be listed as separate line items on this invoice, all other merchandise (except "as-is" items noted above) is covered only by this 30 day Limited Warranty. NO RETURNS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THE 30 DAY WARRANTY PERIOD FOR ANY REASON, UNLESS THE TUBES ARE COVERED BY THE EXTENDED 2 YEAR WARRANTY. PROOF OF PURCHASE OF THE EXTENDED WARRANTY WILL BE REQUIRED FOR ANY RETURNS AFTER 30 DAYS FOR ANY REASON.

Any tubes returned that are fully functional and pass all transconductance, emission, gas, shorts, and continuity tests are NOT considered defective. These tubes are still guaranteed under this Purchase Protection Guarantee. If you return any non-defective tubes (if you don’t like them for some reason), we may elect to refund your purchase price rather than replace these tubes. You may also elect to take full credit towards other tubes purchased immediately or for a future purchase.

No returns will be accepted on “sweep”, “horizontal output”, or “transmitter final” tubes after 10 days under ANY circumstances. No returns for all other tubes will be accepted after 30 days for any reason.

A refused delivery of an order that is returned to us unopened will be considered a non-defective return, subject to the 20% restocking fee unless you have made other arrangements with us to obtain store credit to your account, prior to the return.

Our guarantee represents the consumer’s exclusive remedy for a defective product. Brent Jessee Recording & Supply, Inc. expressly disclaims all other warranties, express or implied, for the products we carry. Brent Jessee Recording & Supply, Inc. shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential damages, including, but not limited to, personal injury or loss of income, damage to equipment, property damage, or other losses arising out of the purchase or use of a product we sell, and in no event shall our liability exceed the price you paid for the product.

With audio power output tubes and transmitter final tubes, incorrect bias settings can destroy a tube very quickly. If your amp or transmitter was biased for an old set of tubes, it is very important you reset the bias (or neutralization on a transmitter output) adjustment. Incorrect bias can weaken or destroy a tube quickly, and we will NOT refund or replace tubes damaged in this manner. Please consult a repair shop or technician if you do not know how to adjust bias yourself. Returned audio or transmitter power output tubes that test low emission will be assumed to have been damaged by incorrect bias, since every tube we sell tests "good" for emission at time of shipping. Transmitter final (“sweep”) tube returns will not be accepted after 10 days under ANY circumstances.

Return Policy

Your business and trust is important to me, so, every tube I sell is tested just prior to shipping. If, within 30 days, you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, please return the tube(s) to me. Include your name and address and price paid, or a copy of your original packing sheet. Indicate in an enclosed note what is wrong with the tubes. Tubes being returned for reasons OTHER than defective must still test good, have the same appearance and box as when shipped, and otherwise be undamaged or I will not be able to give you full credit.

ORDERS OVER $100.00 ARE SUBJECT TO A 20 PERCENT RESTOCKING FEE IF RETURNED FOR REASONS OTHER THAN DEFECTIVE. A refused delivery of an order that is returned to us unopened will be considered a non-defective return, subject to the 20% restocking fee unless you have made other arrangements with us to obtain store credit for the returned items, prior to the return. Shipping charges are NOT included in any refund, exchange, or credit transaction under this guarantee.

All refunds or credit issued will be in US Dollars only. INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: All cash refunds will be in US Dollars in the form of an International Postal Money Order. This will be sent via registered air mail, with return receipt. If tubes are refunded for reasons OTHER than defective, the postal charges for these delivery services will be deducted from your refund. This is a protective measure for both of us, and insures your refund arrives quickly and safely.


If a tube envelope (bulb) specification is not made, ANY envelope style may be provided, depending upon what I have in stock. Tubes returned for reason of "wrong envelope style sent", where no style was specified in the order, will be subject to a $2.00 US Dollar per tube restocking fee, plus shipping charges for the replacement tube(s). If good tubes (not defective) are returned (you don't like them for some reason) and these total $100.00 US Dollars or more, there is a 20 percent restocking fee. This includes returns for reasons of not reading at a level on your tube tester you perceive as satisfactory. All tubes are tested on a Hickok 539A engineering model transconductance tube tester which has been calibrated, and is the standard I use. Tubes returned in small batches from the same original order, if they total $100.00 or more within the 30 day period, will also be subject to the restocking fee. NO RETURNS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER 30 DAYS (10 DAYS FOR SWEEP TUBES) FOR ANY REASON, UNLESS A 2 YEAR EXTENDED WARRANTY HAS BEEN PURCHASED FOR THE TUBES BEING RETURNED. PROOF OF PURCHASE OF THE EXTENDED WARRANTY WILL BE REQUIRED FOR THE RETURN.

Your Price Protection Guarantee

I guarantee the lowest prices on the Internet for a period of 30 days after your purchase, or I will either refund or credit you the difference. If you find the identical brand, tube type, envelope style, construction and condition tube listed for sale at a lower price on any current Internet tube dealer's POSTED webpage, please mail or e-mail me the URL address of that page. Please include your name, address, and what you paid for the tube(s) in question. If I find the page still posted with a lower price within the 30 day period, I will offer you a refund or credit in the amount of US Dollar difference between the lower price posting and what you paid. Special request charges, tube matching charges and shipping charges are NOT included in the price difference. This guarantee states that my tube prices are lower than any tubes listed for sale on any legitimate Internet tube dealer's currently POSTED webpage only. It does NOT cover tubes listed for sale in any on-line auction, on-line classified, chat room, newsgroup, or e-mailing. It also does NOT cover tubes being sold or listed for sale in any magazine or newspaper ad, retail store, wholesale store or outlet, catalog sale, hamfest, garage sale or flea market. Any refund or credit will be in US Dollars only, and the lower priced tube must be listed in US Dollars on the webpage.

An Important Note About NOS Tubes. Please Read.

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