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This is for serious tubeheads. This is not your average screensaver, with flying toasters, naked women, or colored patterns. When you load this saver, you tell anyone near your computer that you love tubes and tube amps! That you're retro, you're cool, and maybe a little bit geek (and geek is cool these days!) Hey, this screensaver even tells you it's cool, it's excellent, but only if you have a sound card.

The Tubesaver shows a different tube or tube amp every five seconds, with ever changing colored backgrounds and 110 really great dissolves and wipes. It works with Windows 3.1x and Windows 9x systems!

It's based on software from TekNovation, and it's the first saver I've seen where you can change it any way you want, or even start from scratch and make your own !

First, get the great TekNovation screen saver software (sstekdmo.exe 2575k) by clicking here.

Then, for the images and script (or the .ini file if you speak computerese), get the Tubesaver (tubesave.exe, 1800k) by clicking here. Then, be sure to get the install instructions, in either format you want-----

Click here for install.zip (2.1k) which is the zipped text file. You need PkZip to open it.

NOTE: You may have to right click the links above if your browser does not prompt you to save the file. If a simple left click on the link does not start the download process, right click the link and select "save link as" or "save target as" and then note where it gets saved on your computer.

Click here for install.txt (4.9k) which is just a plain text file that will display on your browser. You can print it from there if you wish.

Try it, it's tubular!

To set the Tubesaver up, just run SSTEKDMO.EXE in the directory you downloaded it into. It unpacks itself into a temporary directory.

Then, just run the SETUP.EXE file in that directory and follow the on screen prompts.

Next, to put in the cool tube images, run TUBESAVE.EXE in the directory you downloaded it into. It unpacks itself.

Win-Zip will prompt you to install the files into a predetermined folder. Please accept all the defaults and follow the onscreen instructions. Please download and read the INSTALL.TXT or INSTALL.ZIP for complete step by step instructions and uninstall steps.

Now, just set up the Tubesaver like you do any screensaver. Be sure to read the INSTALL.TXT file for all the details!

Send me e-mail and let me know how you like it!

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