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Hoffman Estates, IL 60195

Phone 847-496-4546

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Got a friend, relative, or spouse who is into the hobby of vacuum tube radio or hi-fi? How about a gift for someone special who needs a specific remote control, or needs audio recording services done? Our gift certificates are the perfect gift to give, even if you don't know a tube from a transistor, or a remote control from an audiotape! A Brent Jessee Recording gift certificate can be used just like cash for purchasing any items or services we sell. They can be bought and redeemed from anywhere in the world, by mail, telephone, or e-mail! They can be given, transferred, or sold to anyone! They are a flexible, valuable, and easy way to gift-give that hard-to-shop-for special person in your life!



  1. Order your gift certificate by mail, e-mail, or telephone. Our order address is at the top of this page. To e-mail, please click here. Our order phone number is 847-496-4546, open M-F, from 8 AM to 4 PM, USA Central Time.
  2. Click here for a printable mail order form. Click your "back" or "return" button to return to this page. Use this form if ordering by mail.
  3. Indicate which certificate(s) you would like. Their price is the face value.
  4. Gift certificates may be personalized at no extra charge. Indicate the name of the receipient and the sender when you place your order, and an optional short message.
  5. Indicate in your order the address where to e-mail or mail the gift certificate.
  6. The gift certificate(s) can be e-mailed to anyone in the world at no extra charge.
  7. We can also mail a paper copy of the gift certificate(s) for an additional $1.50 USA first class, $4.50 USA priority mail, or $10.00 worldwide global priority mail.
  8. Gift certificates may be purchased with cash, check, money order, credit card, or PayPal.


  1. Use your gift certificate before the expiration date just like cash. Valid for any goods or services we sell.
  2. For e-mail, PayPal, or telephone orders, give the certificate value, number, and redemption code with your order.
  3. If the order total is greater than the certificate value, the balance may be paid by PayPal, credit card, check or cash.
  4. If the order is at least $5.00 less value than the certificate, then we will create and send you a new certificate for the balance.
  5. If you order by mail, you may send in your paper certificate or e-mail printed certificate as payment, same as cash.
  6. We will also accept your handwritten certificate value, number, and redemption code for mail-in orders (subject to verification).

Gift Certificate Terms and Conditions

1.This Gift Certificate is valid up to the value and for the period indicated on the face of the Gift Certificate.

2.This Gift Certificate may only be redeemed for the purchase of merchandise or services sold by Brent Jessee Recording, including any applicable taxes, fees, or surcharges. All Gift Certificates being presented for redemption will be subject to verification prior to shipment of merchandise or delivery of services. Returns of any merchandise purchased with a Gift Certificate may be returned for exchange or credit only.

3.The value of this Gift Certificate must be in U.S. dollars and will only be issued in denominations between $20 and $200. In the event the purchaser defaults on the credit card or PayPal Gift Certificate purchase payment, or uses a check for purchase which is returned "NSF", the issued Gift Certificate will be cancelled and it's number and redemption code will be null and void. Additional charges may also apply in the event of a returned check.

4.This Gift Certificate is transferable. It may not be redeemed for cash. Unused or expired Gift Certificates are not refundable.

5.This Gift Certificate will not be honored retroactively. It will not be replaced for any reason, including if it is lost or stolen. It should be treated like cash, and the paper or e-mail printed certificate kept in a safe place.

6.This Gift Certificate must be redeemed for goods or services within the validity period. Extensions will not be granted under any circumstances. Goods shipment or services do not need to occur within validity period. Other restrictions may apply.

7.This Gift Certificate may only be redeemed through Brent Jessee Recording & Supply, Inc. (by mail, e-mail, telephone order), only through audiotubes.com, or only by telephone order to Brent Jessee Recording & Supply, Inc., in accordance with the instructions above. A paper copy does not need to be presented at the time of ordering. Once an order is placed, penalties or fees may apply for changes. A valid certificate number and redemption code must be presented at time of ordering. INCORRECT, INCOMPLETE, FORGED, ALTERED, CANCELLED, PREVIOUSLY REDEEMED, OR EXPIRED NUMBERS AND CODES WILL NOT BE HONORED OR ACCEPTED.

8.If the value of this Gift Certificate is at least $5.00 USD greater than the total goods or services purchased, the residual value will be retained on the Brent Jessee Recording Gift Certificate database and may be used through the validity period toward additional purchases. You will be issued a new certificate number and redemption code for the residual value. A difference of less than $5.00 USD will not be retained, and the Gift Certificate will be considered redeemed in full.

9.This Gift Certificate will not be honored in connection with any coupons, or any other special sales or prearranged special pricing.

10. Brent Jessee Recording & Supply, Inc. is the final authority on interpretation of these terms and conditions.


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