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Brent Jessee Recording Presents.....


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Classic Table and Vacuum Tube Radios, Hi-Fi, etc.....
1. This item Sold!--
2. Panasonic AM clock radio. This is right out of the "Brady Bunch". Circa 1969 style case shaped like a cylinder, but viewed from the front it looks like a triangle with rounded corners. White case, black bezel, yellow clock face not lit, tuning indicator is recessed in clock face where numeral 3 usually is, alarm and on-off switch at top of face. Tuning and vol knobs on side of case, speaker is in the rear. Solid state chassis. No sleep timer, no snooze. Very clean and a very unusual radio.$30 plus shipping
3. JBL PRO 8 WOOFERS! I have a limited amount of these fine JBL 8 inch woofers. These are new old stock in box, and are in mint condition, including perfect foam surrounds. These are ready for use in your home theatre speakers, as they have the bucking magnets already mounted. These were used in several high end JBL speakers in the early 1980s. Like their big brother above, they are no longer available today. Bag a few of these NOS woofers for less than reconing your old ones.$60.00 each plus shipping.
4. Vintage glass Amperite delay relays These are new old stock in original box Amperite delay relays, with gold contacts. Used in amps, preamps, and other industrial equipment, they will delay the switching of up to 115 volts for 30, 60, or 150 seconds. These plug into a minature 7 contact socket like a tube (they look like minature tubes) and have been out of production for years. Don't jumper your bad relay out, replace it with an original. #115C30T, $15.00*****#115C60T, $15.00*****#115-150M (in 7-pin metal can), $20.00. Plus shipping.
5. BIG box of tubes! These are pulls from TVs, radios, and hi-fi sets. There is a little of everything here: miniature, octal, novar, compactron. Over 150 tubes, priced to sell fast!$10 plus shipping
6. Two rare recordings. The first is a 1975 interview with John Lennon. 60 minutes long, it was done during a transition period for the former Beatle. He had split to L.A., tried Primal Scream Thearapy, and was just getting back with Yoko Ono. The second tape is two air check recordings from Chicago radio stations WLS and WCFL, both from 1966. The WLS recording is of the show "Portrait of Chicago" with Norman Ross, the topic, UFO's. A hot topic then as well as now! The ABC news hourly report after the show is included, with headlines of the day. The WCFL recording is "The Barney Pipp Show". Relive the golden age of Chicago rock and roll AM radio! 80 minutes total. I have these on 10 1/2 inch open reel, and will dub them to chrome cassette with Dolby when you order.SOLD OUT
Hi-Fi and Other Cool Stuff
5. This item Sold! --
6. Sony SRS-5 speaker system. Brand new in sealed boxes! These nifty little stereo pair speakers just have a million and one uses. They are small triangular cabinets that are hardwired to a stereo cable fitted with a stereo mini plug. This is where the fun starts, since you can plug them into your Walkman or discman headphone jack and turn it into a mini stereo, plug them into the headphone jack of your CD-ROM drive to get instant music without a sound card, plug them into the headphone jack of your hifi VCR..... the list is endless! They are very efficient, and can handle up to .4 watts, much more than a headphone jack will deliver, and have room filling volume at normal headphone level settings! Try a pair, and you will find yourself finding even more uses for them (you may want more than one pair!) SOLD OUT

More bargains coming, so drop in again soon. The garage door is always open!

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FINE PRINT DEPARTMENT: I have tried to describe as accurately as possible each item for sale on this page. All items are in working order when shipped unless otherwise noted. No other guarantee or warranty is expressed or implied. All merchandise is sold AS IS and WITH ALL FAULTS. No merchandise may be returned for exchange, refund, or credit. I honestly feel this is cool stuff at a good price, but hey, this IS a garage sale, so all sales are final.